Monday, March 2, 2009

E11 k-bells [#00042] Kettlebell Sport (LCC&J & Jump Squats)

We are into the last 3 days of training now so its getting down to the wire. At this point I am always a little nervous about doing too much, but also don't want to loose my feel so I am also aware that I need to do a little bit of work...

Kettlebell Sport

LCC&J @ 2x 24kg's

-4 mins @ 7 rpm (28 reps)
-6 mins @ 6 rpm (36 reps)

*Both sets felt decent today, plus I is just amazing how much slower 6 rpm feels after hitting a set at 7 rpm, even under fatigue. It's a great mind trick!

Jump Squats @ 170# 

-3x 50 reps w/ 60 seconds recovery b/w rounds

*And another day is in the books, we are getting down to the wire now...

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