Monday, March 2, 2009

E11 k-bells [#00042] Kettlebell Sport (LCC&J & Jump Squats)

We are into the last 3 days of training now so its getting down to the wire. At this point I am always a little nervous about doing too much, but also don't want to loose my feel so I am also aware that I need to do a little bit of work...

Kettlebell Sport

LCC&J @ 2x 24kg's

-4 mins @ 7 rpm (28 reps)
-6 mins @ 6 rpm (36 reps)

*Both sets felt decent today, plus I is just amazing how much slower 6 rpm feels after hitting a set at 7 rpm, even under fatigue. It's a great mind trick!

Jump Squats @ 170# 

-3x 50 reps w/ 60 seconds recovery b/w rounds

*And another day is in the books, we are getting down to the wire now...

Saturday, February 28, 2009

E11 k-bells [#00041] Kettlebell Sport (LCC&J, Swings & 1 Arm Jerks)

Training is winding down now. All that's left is to stay healthy and keep a feel for the movement and the k-bells...

Kettlebell Sport

LCC&J @ 2x 24kg's

-6 minutes @ 6 rpm (36 reps)

1 Arm Swings & 1 Arm Jerks @ 32kg's

1x 4 minute round without setting the bell down of:

1.] 30x Swings
2.] 30x Swings
3.] 12x Jerks
4.] 12x Jerks

*Just a short workout today, feeling pretty good at the moment. Just want to get on that platform and do it now...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

E11 k-bells [#00040] Kettlebell Sport (LCC&J-PR!)

Big day today! I decided to test myself today. Its just over a week until the Arnold and I wanted to see where I'm at at this point...

Kettlebell Sport

LCC&J @ 2x 24kg's

-10 minutes @ 6 rpm (60 reps, PR! And enough reps to unofficially give me the WKC rank IV!)

*The set felt Ok on the whole, but not the best i've ever performed. I still have a small tear on my hand which I was worried about, but I managed to escape unscathed thankfully. The Jerk feels effortless after using the 32kg bell so I just have to refine my clean over the next couple of days and then I'm good to go! If I can repeat this performance on the 7th i'll be happy and any additional reps will be a bonus...

Jump Squats @ 165#
-3x 50 reps w/ 60 recovery b/w rounds.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

E11 k-bells [#00039] Kettlebell Sport (1 Arm Jerks, WM's & GUSU's)

I decided to just hit jerks today. My hands are ok after yesterday, but I want to make sure I give then sufficient recovery so that I don't suffer any further tears this close to the Arnold meet. Kind of a conditioning day today...

Kettlebell Sport 

1 Arm Jerks @ 32kg's
5x 2 minute w/ 1 hand switch. Rest 60 seconds b/w rounds.

1.] 12/12 reps
2.] 12/12 
3.] 12/12
4.] 12/12
5.] 12/12

Total reps in 10 minutes of work - 120.

High Windmills

-5/5 reps @ 8kg's
-5/5 reps @ 12kg's
-5/5 reps @ 16kg's
-5/5 reps @ 24kg's

1 Arm Get-Up Sit-Ups

-5/5 @ 16kg's
-5/5 @ 24kg's

Elliptical (L8) Tabata's (4 minutes - 20sec:10sec)

*This was pretty comfortable, but got the heart rate up...

Monday, February 23, 2009

E11 k-bells [#00038] Kettlebell Sport (LCC&J & Jump Squats)

Back on track today! My hand finally healed so I decided today was d-day for LC. My goal was to hit 6 minutes @ 7 rpm and based on how it felt decided whether I would train this pace up to the Arnold or drop back to 6 rpm. 

Kettlebell Sport

LCC&J @ 2x 24kg's

-6 minutes @ 7 rpm (42 reps, PR for this duration!)

*I reverted back to my old technique on the clean and rack position today and everything clicked right back into place. I was foolish to try and make changes this close to a meet, I won't make that mistake again! It scared the crap out of me, I thought I was going backwards for a while there. After today my confidence is back and I know I can hit my primary goals in Columbus. However, even though I was successful at 7 rpm to 6 minutes today I have decided to drop back and focus on 6 rpm for the meet. 7 rpm is a hellashious pace and I don't want to risk burning out before I hit the 59 reps I need for my ranking.

LCC&J @ 2x 24kg's

-5 minutes @ 6 rpm (30 reps)

*This pace feels so much better for me! Even though I was pretty fatigued from my first set I was able to move through this one smoothly so I'm happy again. I think 70 reps is a good goal for me for LC, but with the injuries and setbacks that have slowed my progress this goal proved a little beyond my reach at the moment. 59 reps is all that really matters right now and thats my focus for the next 2 weeks...

Jump Squats @ 155#

-3x 50 reps w/ 60 sec recovery b/w rounds

*Meant to go with 165# today, but got distracted and forgot to put the 5's on the bar. Next time...